Squad composition details

Group composition (includes the total average for group)
Group 1Roro Is HereFeller Is GoneAleochloe

Death Count: 1

Damage Avg): 35,572

Healing Avg): 345

Boon Strips Avg): 14

Condi Cleanses Avg): 8

Stability Uptime (Avg): 28%

Superspeed Uptime (Avg): 14%

Protection Uptime (Avg): 40%

Group 2ÄyayayayayayayayayaAdmiral Yi SunshinChwayRingo Here For GyroServius Motierre

Death Count: 10

Damage Avg): 751,774

Healing Avg): 65,046

Boon Strips Avg): 74

Condi Cleanses Avg): 217

Stability Uptime (Avg): 51%

Superspeed Uptime (Avg): 28%

Protection Uptime (Avg): 61%

Group 3Probably Not JeffMagic RaxBel Is ComingWatchdog RedheadKriz Alio

Death Count: 12

Damage Avg): 406,915

Healing Avg): 43,120

Boon Strips Avg): 104

Condi Cleanses Avg): 269

Stability Uptime (Avg): 43%

Superspeed Uptime (Avg): 32%

Protection Uptime (Avg): 63%

Group 4Kimi No ChikaraMavengíLtl Miss MoxieIts CloudyConsú Míng

Death Count: 9

Damage Avg): 370,107

Healing Avg): 47,666

Boon Strips Avg): 133

Condi Cleanses Avg): 231

Stability Uptime (Avg): 47%

Superspeed Uptime (Avg): 20%

Protection Uptime (Avg): 64%

Group 5Pyro The GyroCalixzaHaveyouseenmywifeLine And SymbolClone The FirstDawn Of GaiaPope Joan

Death Count: 18

Damage Avg): 521,735

Healing Avg): 55,219

Boon Strips Avg): 104

Condi Cleanses Avg): 204

Stability Uptime (Avg): 42%

Superspeed Uptime (Avg): 18%

Protection Uptime (Avg): 57%

You must be present in 80% of the total fights in the OPPA tag in order to be included in the Closest to Commander Tag check
Closest To Commander TAG
Ringo Here For Gyro
Across 25 fights Ringo Here For Gyro averaged closest to the commander tag
Most Stability Generated per fight(avg)
Ltl Miss Moxie
Top Damage
357,726 dmg
Top Condi Cleanses
Magic Rax
244 condi cleanses
Top Boon Strips
Its Cloudy
69 boon strips
Top Healing (Estimated)
Ringo Here For Gyro
37,142 allied HP healed

Average arcdps report across 25 fights on 09/05/2021

Reports for OPPA Raid with Admiral Yi Sunshin leading.

Caveat to this data the average is not a meaningful indication and neither are numbers. This is just to give an idea on average across all fights what numbers you are putting out.

Admiral Yi Sunshin
Raid KDR


KDR for 25 Fights on 09/05/2021
733 Total Kills

Total Damage ::


Total Cleanses ::


Total Boons Stripped ::


Total Healing ::


All the below numbers are based off players that were in at least 80% of fights

Top 3 Lowest Deaths ::

Kimi No Chikara 0
Ltl Miss Moxie 0
Chway 1

Top 3 Highest Deaths ::

Consú Míng 6
Servius Motierre 3
Clone The First 3

Highest damage in single fight ::

Äyayayayayayayayaya 1,335,273
Consú Míng 1,081,615
Servius Motierre 877,626

Highest cleanse

in a single fight ::

Magic Rax 1,284
Mavengí 873
Ringo Here For Gyro 866

Highest Boons Stripped in single fight ::

Its Cloudy 315
Chway 269
Bel Is Coming 260

Highest Healing in single fight ::

Ringo Here For Gyro 185,790
Magic Rax 165,310
Dawn Of Gaia 157,200

Longest Fight Length ::

13m 00s

Average Fight Length ::

3m 00s

Detailed Logs for each fight

Remember, table data below is all averages. More details including total numbers are shown by expanding each row
Name Profession Damage Damage taken Condi Cleanses Boons Stripped Estimated healing Deaths Fights